Police Blotter: Robbery on the 23

The following information has been supplied by the 14th District of the Philadelphia Police Department. If arrests or charges are mentioned, they do not indicate guilt or a conviction.

Burglary … A resident of the 8000 block of Roanoke Street reported March 11, 10:30 p.m., that sometime over the previous two days, someone entered his shed and two small gas tanks, a propane tank, a leaf blower and a shovel were missing, police said.

Burglary … A resident of the 8400 block of Seminole Street reported March 10, 9:50 p.m., that someone entered her home through a rear window and $9,000 in jewelry was missing, police said.

Burglary … An employee of Norwood Fontbonne Academy reported March 9, 7 a.m., that someone entered a classroom through a side window and a television, valued at $500, was missing, police said.

Auto theft … A woman reported March 9, 6:40 a.m., that her car was parked on the 200 block of East Willow Grove Avenue for five days, and when she returned, it was missing, police said. According to police, the missing car was a 2010 gray Honda Civic with Pennsylvania registration plate HME-3358.

Theft from auto … A man reported March 6, 12 p.m., that while he was parked by the Chestnut Hill Hotel, 8229 Germantown Ave., someone took two hubcaps, valued at $60, from his car, police said.

Robbery … A man reported March 7, 3:28 p.m., that as he was riding the route 23 bus, a man sat next to him and demanded his belongings, and fled at the next stop, at Gravers Lane, police said. The man was described as 5 feet, 4 or 5 inches tall, 125-130 pounds, medium build, clean shaven, wearing a dark blue Villanova hooded sweatshirt and dark jeans, police said.

Theft from auto … A woman reported March 5, 12 a.m., that while her car was parked on the 8000 block of St. Martins Lane, someone had entered her car and a handbag with $150 cash and credit cards was missing, police said.

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