Tieshka Smith
Tieshka Smith is a Chicago, IL native and has lived in St. Louis, MO, New York and North Jersey.  She currently resides in Philadelphia, PA and works as a freelance photographer.  Smith’s focus as a photographer is to create a body of work that challenges pervasive and entrenched status quo thinking about the experiences of people, particularly people of color, in urban settings. She seeks to restore a sense of balance through her images, swinging the pendulum away from the naïve, negative, and oftentimes hostile view that people of color lack humanity and are incapable of loving relationships, meaningful interactions, and normal lives. Her creative vision has been shaped and influenced by her father’s passion for photography, her self-directed study of the masters of photography across many genres, undergraduate art history coursework, and formal curatorial and program experience gained early in her professional career. Since Mom of Three Photography’s launch in 2010, a number of her images have been exhibited in the NYC metro area, and published in the Jersey Journal, the NJ.com website and the Philadelphia City Paper. Feel free to contact her directly about her work or possible engagements via Facebook or her photo blog, Photography Without The Pretense. 
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