Amanda Card
In addition to being a full time print communications student at Arcadia University, Amanda writes for her school paper, plays for the university's softball team, and loves a good read and comedian, especially when combined. She spent a semester abroad in Australia and has since developed a newfound appreciation for American hot dogs and Cheez-Whiz, anomalies in the land of the reef. Her articles reflect the things she loves most in life: Phillies, food, and comedy.
However, Amanda also enjoys writing about hot-button local and national issues. Recently, she wrote about SugarHouse Casino, Major League Baseball's bat dilemma, and Proposition 19. Outside of writing for the school paper, Amanda follows the old fashioned habit of keeping a journal but also blogs about the consistent chaos that goes with being broke and in college. She hopes to one day transform her blog rants into a memoir about the life of a recovering English major called Literary Jailbreak: The Dos, Don'ts, and Why'd-I-Do-Thats of College. In the meanwhile, she'll stick to Pacman, Easy-Mac, and writing and reading whenever and whatever she can. 
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