What Philly is Saying about the 2013 Bike Race

See what other media outlets are saying about the 2013 Manayunk Bike Race.

Residents in the Northwest and beyond have been talking about the 2013 Manayunk Bike Race cancellation since it was announced Monday.

  • Bike Race Cancelled in 2013
  • Coalition to Try and Save Race
  • Money Main Reason Behind Pulled Race
  • Nutter Pulling for 2014

We've done our best to keep Patch readers up-to-date with information, but there are a lot of other voices out there. Here's some of what we've been seeing around Philly about it.

Newsworks has a story from the Manayunk Development Corporation's "State of Manayunk" address in which MDC executive director Jane Lipton restated how important the race is to the neighborhood and why it's important that it happen in 2013 if it can. Read their story here.

And, for a little background on how these kinds of races happen behind the scenes, check out this story, also from Newsworks.

The Inquirer made the bike race the topic of its Thursday editorial, calling for parties to pull for a 2013 race. Read their take here.

Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky
added his two cents on Friday, saying that he hoped "the event will be rescued," and suggested that Lance Armstrong could pony up the needed cash. Read his take here.

And the folks over at Philebrity are entertaining the idea of sponsoring their own replacement, though it's impossible to know how serious they are about the idea.


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