Website Ranks the Northwest's Best Schools

See where your school landed on a 1-to-10 scale, according to GreatPhillySchools.

A new website aims to provide parents with a consists way to compare schools in the Philadelphia.

GreatPhillySchools, a website that ranks the city's schools based on enrollment information, performance data, census maps, graduation and college-enrollment rates and "student engagement," allows users to search by neighborhood and zip code to find what they deam to be the best school in the area.

According to a release on the website, the aim is to make sure "Every child in Philadelphia … have access to a great school."

"Our mission is to make information available so parents, guardians and students can find, compare and demand great schools," the release states.

According to the website, the ratings should be used to help parents make a choice about where schools to look into for their children, but is not the end-all, be-all for school selection.

"Before choosing to apply to a school, you should definitely take that closer look," the statement says. "Read all of the information on schools that is presented here, and then go visit or call the school to ask your own questions."

According to the website, Hill Freedman Middle School and Henry Charles School are the two highest-rated schools in My. Airy, while Our Mother of Consolation private school ranks highest in Chestnut Hill.

Take a look at the website here and see how your school ranked according to the website in our table below.

Mt. Airy:

School Ranking Hill Freedman 10/10 Anna B. Day 6/10 Philadelphia Military Academy at Leeds 6/10 Moriss E. Leeds 5/10 E.C. Emlen 2/10 Henry Charles
8/10 Houston Henry
4/10 Project Learn School


Parkway Northwest 7/10

Chestnut Hill:

School Ranking Our Mother of Consolation 10/10 John S Jenks 8/10 Norwood Fontbonne NA Springside Chestnut Hill NA
Catherine Collins October 26, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Please note that "Henry Charles" is in fact the Charles W. Henry School, a K-8 public school located in West Mt. Airy. The website is http://webgui.phila.k12.pa.us/schools/h/henry/
Catherine Collins October 26, 2012 at 03:17 PM
And "Houston Henry" is actually the Henry H. Houston School, another K-8 public school in West Mt. Airy. Houston's website is http://webgui.phila.k12.pa.us/schools/h/houston


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