Norwood Fontbonne Hands Out Sports Awards

The school gave out awards to eighth-graders who participated in three varsity sports.

recently announced the recipients of sports awards for the ending school year. Awards were presented to students who participated in three varsity sports during their 8th grade year. The list of students receiving the awards follows:

  • Molly Brown (Soccer, Basketball, Softball)
  • Jon Bjornson (Football, Basketball, Baseball)
  • Dominic DeCinque (Soccer, Basketball, Baseball)
  • Luke Forrence (Football, Basketball, Baseball)
  • Taylor Merkle (Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball)
  • Eliza Ewing (Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball)
  • Luke Skobieranda (Football, Basketball, Baseball)
  • Joseph Loonstyn (Soccer, Basketball, Baseball)
  • Andrew Maloney (Football, Basketball, Baseball)
  • Sean Sehn (Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse)
  • Kyle Reddish (Football, Basketball, Lacrosse)
  • Liam Nester (Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse)

The school also announced the Russell G. Clements Memorial Award, which is presented in memory of 8th grade teacher, drama director and coach, Russell Clements. It is presented to an outstanding baseball player who exemplifies the qualities of honesty, integrity and portsmanship.  This year’s recipient was Dominic DeCinque.


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