New Dress Code at Methacton Schools

Rules governing length, tightness, and other material qualities of student clothing discarded; new code "minimally restrictive in the interest of student expression"

The Methacton School District adopted a new dress and grooming code at its Nov. 20 school board meeting, sweeping aside language that governed characteristics such as the length of shirt sleeves, how closely clothing fit the body, and whether a student's clothing was "ragged" or had holes in it.

Such clothing was regarded as a "disruption/distraction to the educational process," according to the current Methacton High School student handbook. Students who violated the dress code faced disciplinary action up to and including suspension.

A recent student editorial in The Windy Hill, the high school newspaper, described the dress code as a "hotly debated topic" at the school. Methacton High School principal Judy Landis had previously advocated for the introduction of student uniforms, according to a 2010 article in the paper.

School board member Kim Wooding said the new policy states that the regulation of student clothing "should be minimally restrictive in the interest of student expression."

"Words like 'neat,' 'clean,' 'good taste,' will guide staff in terms of dress code enforcement," Woodring said.

The new dress code was adopted unanimously by the school board and goes into effect immediately.

Kevin November 21, 2012 at 03:54 AM
Bad idea and caving in to political correctness. Having a generic or "non-specific" dress code leaves interpretation to an individual's opinion, which then theoretically leaves the code unenforceable as opinions vary from person to person.
Melissa November 21, 2012 at 04:07 AM
I agree with Kevin. My daughter attends Skyview and I think there should be specific restrictions to the dress code. As a parent I feel I have good judgement about what my child should wear but that may not be true for everyone.
Kathie Maloney November 21, 2012 at 11:37 AM
Kevin and Melissa I agree! I graduated from Methacton in 69! At that time the dinosaur rules were very clear and nothing up for discussion. If i didnt want to submit, i suffered the consequences twice. Once at school, again at home. At that time however, parents backed the authority figures and the rules that were set. As I was reading this short article, I thought it would continue with the specifics? I found this article through my daughter in laws fb, as I have grand kids in the district. I have seen their dress and there is not a problem there but as Melissa mentioned, I have also seen as young as 12y/o's that dress as if they are 17? Their parents know what they wear and allow it? In San Antonio, they changed code to uniforms. This is so much easier for purchasing clothes. No stress! This is your choice. No teasing because the less fortunate do not have the higher priced clothing. No competition. One less bullying issue. No problems with dress code. At $6.99 -7.99 for top and bottom, not so hard for struggling parents! We even have news stations and businesses collect donated clothing, new and used, to help less fortunate. It also teaches our children submission to authority!
Intheweeds November 21, 2012 at 02:20 PM
Basically, they eliminated the dress code. The income separation is as wide in Methacton as any local district. From trailer park kids to McMansion kids. As mentioned, uniforms would solve a lot of problems. Now, it will be a free for all.


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