Help C.W. Henry Build an Outside Classroom

The school has a grant to build a new outdoor classroom, and you can help them by recycling from your house.

C.W. Henry School is trying to build an outdoor classroom, and you can help them do with without lifting a finger (mostly).

Here's the deal: thanks to a grant proposal from the school's fifth- and eight-grade students, C.W. Henry has been approved for a $1,500 grant from the Green Schools Program, which is run by Recyclebank. The kids want to use this grant to transform some unused space into an outdoor classroom and garden space using recycled and reclaimed materials.

So, here's were you come in: you can help the school turn its empty lot into a classroom by donating your Recyclebank points and sending them towards the school's grant. Use this link to hook 'em up:

The donation period ends March 15, 2013, so recycle early and often.


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