Tuesday Vote Will Shape GVSD Budget Process

The Great Valley School Board will decide Tuesday night whether to keep Act 1 exceptions on the table.

At its Tuesday night meeting, the Great Valley School District Board of Directors will decide whether to keep any tax increase for the 2013-14 school year within the state-mandated inflation index of 1.7 percent.

The vote will determine how—and when—the rest of the budgeting process will unfold.

The decision boils down to approving one of two resolutions, as stated in the online meeting agenda:

Board adopts resolution to either approve going forward with the Act 1 budget process and applying for eligible referendums or adopts a resolution to waive the Act 1 process and construct the budget within the 1.7% Index for the 2013-2014 School Year.

Great Valley Act 1 Preliminary Budget and Referendum Resolution 2013.2014.pdf (7 KB) 
Great Valley Act 1 Opt Out Resolution 2013.2014.pdf (77 KB) 

The above slide, taken from the Jan. 14 Great Valley School Board budget presentation, lists the important dates in the 2013-14 budget process. The information is also listed below. 

Jan 22: Deadline to approve Resolution not to raise taxes over Act 1 Index

Feb 19: Board adopts preliminary budget if opt out Resolution is NOT adopted

Apr 22: Board adopts preliminary budget if opt out Resolution IS adopted

May 13: Final budget available for inspection (20 days beforeadoption)

May 20: Public notice of intent to adopt final budget (10 daysbefore adoption)

June 3: Final budget adoption (must be before June 30)

Greg Nesspor January 23, 2013 at 06:18 PM
Abraham, First off I am not interested in a national debate over healthcare. I am only interested in discussing the GVSD benefit package as it pertains to costs moving into negotiations. That being said I am not interested in a token $10 or $15 weekly contribution toward their healthcare which will be what is presented as a "huge sacrifice" if the past practices of this board and union are any indication. I don't blame the union, as a steward currently in our bargaining unit I am well aware of our standard rhetoric and tactics. It's what we do. Nor am I interested in the current plan being "revamped" to have a $5 copay increase to a $10 copay for an example. These are all penny ante symbolic measures designed to soothe an agitated taxpayer base. Not when I guarantee you that the current plan is facing a minimum 20% premium increase paid by us. (If what our's went up is any indication) I am interested in seeing SIGNIFICANT savings which will only be realized by changing to an HMO/deductible plan. I am interested in saving teacher's jobs and in fact adding more staff. Revamping the entire benefit package to bring it in line with the community's will provide the funding for this without additional taxes. All of us have had to re-budget over the past few years and shift household money to healthcare be it towards higher weekly contributions or deductibles. It is time others join us in the "community" and "enjoy" the same sacrifices we are making.
Steve January 23, 2013 at 08:39 PM
Greg, you are completely on target. Some people don't want to make sacrifices, though, and want to paint those who ask for a reasonable budget as being anti-education and/or anti-child. It is time that government behaves like everyone else and recognizes that resources are limited and public employees must be subject to the same real-world issues as everyone else.
Greg Nesspor January 24, 2013 at 12:13 AM
Steve, I LOVE our teachers. Couldn't ask for better, frankly. I am interested in saving their jobs and in fact adding MORE educational staff to bolster the learning process. The way to do that is to lower the cost of the positions. Health care costs are a huge part of that cost. Yes, it is hard to shift costs to the "employee". Yes, the union is going to paint it as an "attack" on education. Nothing could be farther from the facts. Folks need to separate the issues in their minds and deal with them individually. I will defend our teachers' prowess, professionalism, dedication and care for the students to the end. I will not defend the costs of the compensation package IN COMPARISON to those of us paying the tab. It is really simple. Folks need to look past the union rhetoric and straw man talking points. (Ones I've know oh so well since the 1970s). They don't apply anymore.
Abraham January 24, 2013 at 12:30 AM
Pete posted the results in a separate article a little while ago. They voted 6-2 to keep the exceptions as a possibility. A prudent move. Ravenfeld and Leisenring voting against with Foret absent (although he surely would have voted against the resolution as well).


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