Germantown HS Alumni Hosting Meeting on Closing

The alumni association has a vigil planned for Thursday.

With the future of Germantown High School up in the air, the school's alumni association is taking steps to make sure people get a chance to say their piece.

The Germantown High School Alumni Association is holding a public meeting at the high school on Tuesday, Dec 18 at 6 p.m. to allow supports of the school to speak in its defense, according to a statement from association president Vera Primus.

"Interested parties must attend so the school district heads our united voices saying 'it's not going to happen on our watch,'" she said in a release.

Primus said that the association was working with State Representative Stephen Kinsey as well as "other organizations and community groups" to lobby the district to keep the school from closing.

"The entire school is doing well," she said in a statement. "Test scores have improved. Graduation rates have increased, as have the number of students going on to college. There are many new programs and extra curricular activities and the school was taken off the 'Persistently Dangerous' list of high schools three years ago."

Primus said that, in addition to the public meeting, the association is hosting a candlelight vigil at City Hall at 4 p.m. on Dec 20.

See how the district's restricting plan will impact the Northwest here.


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