Former Princeton University President Calls Haverford Students Arrogant in Commencement Speech

William Bowen made the comments in reference to the students' protest of the previously scheduled commencement speaker, during his commencement speech this weekend.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
Former Princeton University President William Bowen called Haverford College students immature and arrogant during the college's commencement this weekend, nj.com reports.

Bowen made the comments while serving as the college's commencement speaker. The comments were in reference to student protests that led the previously scheduled speaker, Robert Birgeneau, to withdraw, according to the report.

Students and professors protested Birgeneau's handling of a 2011 incident in which police used force on students during an Occupy movement protest when he was the chancellor at the University of California at Berkeley, according to the report.

Bowen called Birgeneau's withdrawal a defeat for the school during his speech, according to the report.

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