Chestnut Hill College Getting New Signs

The CHCA's planning and zoning board heard about some new signage.

The CHCA's planning and zoning board ruled in favor of supporting replacement signage for Chestnut Hill College at its meeting Thursday.

“Currently we do have signage at the college and it’s not very attractive,” said Lauri Strimkovsky, senior vice president for financial affairs and chief of staff of Chestnut Hill College.

The new sign will be for the main entrance at Rogers Drive. The rear entrance at Northwestern Avenue will not be getting a new sign.

The new sign will take the stone that the current sign sits in and will expand it. The larger stone structure will cradle the newer, larger sign.

When asked about specifics, Lee Cassaccio, the architect working on the project, said that the aesthetic aspects of the project were not yet finalized. He emphasized that the artist rendering shown to the CHCA members were still subject to change if necessary.

“We really want to get it right,” he said. “We just haven’t gotten into the court documents and mark ups yet.”

When the committee asked the audience if there were any objections to the new signage, Chuck Broadbent of the Northwest Wissahickon Conservancy came forward and spoke in opposition on behalf of his organization.

“Not that I like the signs that are there now,” Broadbent said.

“You’re group is against [the sign] but it hasn’t seen it yet,” said member of the board Larry McEwen.

“If I were to present a one inch by one inch sign they would still oppose,” said Strimkovsky.

Broadbent made no more objections and left before the motion was voted on.

The motion was passed with the condition that the architect listens to CHCA suggestions on the final product.


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