State AG Announces Theft Charges Against State Sen. Washington

The Attorney General’s Office said that Washington used state-paid employees and equipment to throw herself a birthday fundraiser.

State Sen. LeAnna Washington, D-4th District. (Patch file photo)
State Sen. LeAnna Washington, D-4th District. (Patch file photo)

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane on Wednesday announced criminal charges against State Sen. LeAnna Washington.

Washington, D-4th District, represents towns in Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.

The grand jury found that Washington, “through intimidation and verbal abuse, directed senate staff to perform campaign work even though staff knew what they were doing was against the law and that they had an obligation to report such activities,” the Attorney General’s Office said.

"The evidence will show that Senator Washington pressured her staff into performing political activities using taxpayer dollars for her own personal benefit," Kane said. 

The Attorney General’s Office said that Washington used state-paid employees and equipment to throw herself a birthday fundraiser.

The monetary loss to the commonwealth is believed to range from at least $30,000 to in excess of $100,000, the Attorney General’s Office said.

Representatives for Washington said to expect a statement from her office later Wednesday.

Washington is charged with one count of theft of services and one count of violation of the conflict of interest statute, the Attorney General’s Office said. Both are felony charges.

If convicted on all charges, Washington faces a sentence of 12 years in prison and a fine of $25,000, the Attorney General’s Office said.

Washington was asked by the Attorney General’s Office to turn herself in on Wednesday.

Laura Freed March 13, 2014 at 09:04 AM
It was Bush's fault.
John Monaghan March 13, 2014 at 11:22 AM
The senator sure couldn't find Abington prior to this. How is she going to find her way to her preliminary hearing? Also, John Baer reports today that AG Kane used a simple press release to announce this when she is almost always out in front of the media on other announcements. Did she forget her political courage shot yesterday?
Laura Freed March 13, 2014 at 11:26 AM
LeAnnna gets no R-s-p-e-c-t.
Margaret Motheral March 13, 2014 at 11:48 AM
I have compassion for her messing up the money. I know many of the politicians do the same thing and these charges can be applied to many. It doesn't bother me. I don't think these monetary slips are as important as when politicians do favors for friends and cover up and allow crimes that harm the health and destroy lives. My house next to the contaminated railyard at Sedgwick was exposed to years of life endangering and illegal construction project set up by Washington political support in 9th ward democratic committee and City Council who abused their prerogative to intentional and permanently injure. Doctors wrote letters to the senator and other and demanded I be removed from house and measures take to help with the ill effects of years of haz mat. I am progressively ill years later because nobody would help. This illness affects severely limits my life. Just today I had to cancel a dental appointment and lunch with family. My life is severely limited due to the haz mat and hate crime campaign launched in Reed MIller office and supported by Washington, the DA Office and the entire City Council and the leadership of the NW. Politicians are constantly getting in trouble for these minor monetary slips. It seems to me, sometimes, that they are set ups, in that some get away with it and others don't. But when they cause real harm to people due to the cronyism of allowing developers and political supporters to intentionally harm with illegal activities so the can get their projects built, that is a real crime. She failed in her due diligence to protect life of citizen and colluded with the rest of the politics ,treating a human life with such abuse that injury has permanently altered my entire life.
John DiPrimio March 13, 2014 at 12:54 PM
Kane needs the political machine in Philly to assist her with her political aspirations. She know who is buttering her bread. Just like Fattah and his ongoing investigation. The Feds say they are looking but never seem to find anything worth talking about. The cards are stacked in favor of the ruling parties. The real solution lies with the voters. Forced term limits, across the board. The alternative is to allow the thieves to continue to steal. While on the topic of term limits isn't it rich that Marjori Margolas Medvinsky get the endorsement from the local head of the Dem party, Josh Shapiro. Currently 71 years old M&M&M needs to stay retired. I don't need any more tired old men or women claiming to know what is good for me, telling me what I should be doing. Remember her deciding vote to pass a Clinton tax increase when you are asked to pull the lever.


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