Snowflake Take Down Cancelled

Volunteers are no longer needed to take down Doylestown's snowflake decorations.

A recent call for volunteers to take down Doylestown's winter decorations has been cancelled.

Borough public works employees took down the town's snowflake decorations recently, so volunteers are no longer needed.

"A big thank you goes to Phil Ehlinger, head of the Public Works department, and his crew for taking down all of the snowflake decorations in town yesterday," said the Doylestown Business and Community Alliance. "They did it during their normal work schedule and the DBCA is very appreciative of their help."

The DBCA had called for volunteers to gather Saturday, Feb. 9 to take down the holiday decorations.

To learn more about the group, visit its website.

sue devlin January 27, 2013 at 03:13 PM
thank goodness they are down. they are the worse looking holiday decorations I have driven thru other local towns, that don't even have the money that Doylestown has to spend, and the lights and decorations are just a delight to drive thru. That bright white lighting on those snowflakes are awful. Even if some big red bows could be added to the old fashion posts. And the town tree...it could be so pretty if decorated better..lights and bows look like they were just thrown onto the tree. the white lights don't even match. This town is so adorable, I love living here, but it sure doesn't give me the holiday excitement when we drive thru it.....needs a little more "pop" next year....
Jane January 27, 2013 at 04:23 PM
Oh gosh I sure disagree with Sue! I think the snowflakes are classy and elegant, I love their simplicity and the way they look at night. I look forward to them every year. Sue, if you're not happy with them maybe volunteer on the committee next year and be the change you want to see! (But I admit I hope you don't!)
Daniel January 28, 2013 at 06:51 PM
Sue, I second your opinion on that the LED snowflake lights dont really fit the vibe/flavor of our quaint town. What makes them look worse is that they are hung on street lights that glow one color while the LED snowflakes glow that odd Blueish color. On another note it sure would be nice to see the street light globes cleaned. I just noticed how dirty they are and if you dont believe me just look up the next time you pass one...they are FILTHY..For comparison I was driving through Chalfont (202/152) who also have these kind of lights, it's truly night and day when they are clean...I would be happy to volunteer to help do this if the DBCA looking for something else to do


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