New Massage Business Could be Coming to Durham

This week's city zoning calendar includes lights at the Sunoco on Wissahickon and a six-family building proposal.

Here's a rundown of what's happening at the city's Zoning Appeals Board meeting on Wednesday:

118 W Sharpnack Street: an applicant is looking to build a single-family dwelling on W Sharpnack Street. According to the application, the proposed building would be no higher than 38 feet, semidetached from an existing structure, and would include a cellar and a roofed-in porch.

43 Tulpehocken Street: an applicant is looking to turn an existing structure into a multi-family dwelling with room for six families. The project is being represented by the lawyers from Duane Morris.

48 E Durham Street: an applicant is looking for special exception that would allow an existing single-family property to house and operate a therapeutic massage business. The application states that the business would be perfumed by licensed therapist. The request does not include any new structures or additions at this time.

5911 Wissahickon Avenue: The Sunoco is looking to add some lighted signs to its existing signage. The city's zoning website has the full application available here.


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