Close Enough: Campaign Volunteers Near Polls

As long as they stay 10 feet away, campaign volunteers can be near voting locations.

Mt. Airy residents casting their vote at the Blair Christian Academy on Upsal Street might be greeted by campaign signs as they walk into the school.

They also might be greeted by campaign volunteers.

When Patch went to Blair Christian Academy at 11:45 a.m. Tuesday, Obama campaign volunteers were inside the building but outside the polling place, saying that they were there to make sure "voters knew how to vote."

While being so close to where people vote might seem against the rules, the Committee of 70 claims otherwise. According to the non-partisan organization, campaign workers are allowed to be within 10 feet of a polling location on the day of the election.

According to the judge of elections at Blair Christian, no one has officially companied about intimidation at that location.


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