CHCA Target Bass, Oh, Greene for AVI Panel

The Chestnut Hill Community Association is in talks with several city council members for a panel to educate citizens on how AVI could impact the area.

The Chesntut Hill Community Association continues to talk about bringing in Philadelphia's city council members to talk to residents about the city's AVI plan.

At the CHCA's meeting in late September, association president Brien Tilley said they were still looking in to "creating a panel that would provide a wealth of knowledge" to residents about the city's plan to assess property taxes through Mayor Nutter's proposed Actual Value Initiative.

"We've reechoed out to several different people who wanted to be part of it," Tilley said.

He said that city council members Cindy Bass, Bill Greene and David Oh have all expressed interest in participating in the proposed panel.

A date and location for the event is still forthcoming, but Tilley said that it likely wouldn't take place until early-to-mid November.

"We want to have a good month or so to promote the event to make sure the community is aware of it and can get the most out of it," he said.

Tilley said that once a date was selected, word would be sent out to residents.

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Albert Brown October 14, 2012 at 02:56 PM
An editorial quibble: This has to be one of the most cryptic headlines I've read recently. AVI isn't spelled out until the third paragraph. Out of context, "Bass, Oh, Greene" isn't explained until the fifth paragraph, which says they've "expressed interest in participating." So where does "target" come from?


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