CHCA Seeks to Boost Its Profile and Membership

Memeber of the Executive Committee of the Chestnut Hill Community Association discussed how to recruit more members.

Over the last several years, the Chestnut Hill Community Association has seen falling membership numbers.

In 2009, the association as 1915 members. A year later, that number was down to 1753. And as of Aug. 7 of this year, the total number of members was 1637.

At the most recent Executive Committee meeting, members discussed what could be done to reverse that trend.

One of the steps that the association hopes will gain members is its efforts to educate the community about the Actual Value Initiative. With a successful meeting with , the association plans on having more events, including a panel discussion on the issue, which could raise property taxes for most resident of Chestnut Hill.

Marketing concepts both for the AVI initiatives and for the association itself are being considered.

“We talk about how we can raise the profile of the association. People don’t know what we’re doing. And what else can we do?” said Michael Chomentowski, Vice President for Operations, when discussing a meeting of the Membership Committee.

Members of the Executive Committee also discussed trying to further publicize the discounts given by many Hill businesses to members of the association.

A full list of the businesses- of which there are more than 70- can be found on the association’s membership page.

The discounts and the educational initiatives being the front line in the association’s quest to boost membership has already seen a modest return. CHCA President Brien Tilley told the committee Thursday that three of his neighbors decided to join following the Butkovich presentation.


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