Meet Newtown Square Firefighter Todd Welch

Get to know this Newtown Square Fire Co. first responder.

Marple Newtown Patch wants you to get to know your first responders. They do dangerous work and Patch would like to recognize them. Meet this first responder who serves double duty as an officer with the Newtown Township Police Department as well as a firefighter with the Newtown Square Fire Co.

Name: Todd Welch

Age: 41

Hometown: Newtown Square

Rank/Title: Firefighter and EMT

How long have you been with the Newtown Square Fire Co.? 24 years.

What do you like about your job?

I like being able to volunteer my time for the good of the community. I like the camaraderie with all the other firefighters and it affords me the opportunity to help my neighbors, my friends and to be a role model to the children. I’m also a little bit of an adrenaline junkie–kind of breaks up that monotony.

What do you dislike about your job?

The nuisance calls that come in in the middle of the night. It can also be difficult in the extreme heat and the extreme cold.

What inspired you to become a firefighter?

My father and I also knew a lot of members of the fire company on a personal level and they seemed to enjoy their work here and they encouraged me to join the firehouse and get involved. I always thought I was going to do this. As kids, we used to play 'firefighter' and roll our bicycles around and pretend they were fire trucks. When fire trucks went down our street, we always went outside to watch them. So when I became of age, I joined.

What do you like about the Marple Newtown area?

It’s a good community full of people who care about the community as a whole. They care about their neighbors and they appreciate the emergency services that are provided to them. 

What do you want the general public to know about the Newtown Square Fire Co.?

As you’re driving past, it may seem we’re lounging around waiting for the next call but in actuality, we train often and we are prepared to handle the next big emergency that comes in. We are truly volunteers that are just giving back to the community just lke a little league or football coach. Most of us here are fathers and brothers–members of your community. 

When you think of the fire company you tend to think about the fire engines responding to emergency calls. While that is our first priority, we also have other divisions of the fire company, such as the Ladies Auxiliary, the Relief Association, Membership Committee and House Membership. So even if you feel like you aren't cut out to fight fires, we can still use your help in other areas. Our company meetings are the second Monday of each month, please stop in and ask any member how you can join and help us and your community!

Bradford J. Crompton October 03, 2012 at 03:49 PM
My gratitude goes out to each and every first responder for their selfless bravery in the line of duty keeping us all safe! God Bless Always!


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