What happened to this website?

I want to say this as kindly as I can.

This website has become a disaster.

This is no fault of the editors or of the people who post content on here, day to day. I truly believe that. But what I also believe is that no one really wants to read a website, one that bills itself as a hyperlocal news resource for Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy, that has a homepage that talks about film scores and cyber insecurity and pancake characters.

Pancake characters? REALLY?

It just makes me sad. Because this website used to be good. In fact, Patch websites across the board used to be good. But now they are shells of their former selves, and it's no wonder that they haven't made any money. Why don't the websites devote themselves to local news for a change? Some of the higher-ups need to make sure to get that message across. Otherwise this website is nothing more than a worse version of MSN.com.
Cynthia Bradley January 28, 2014 at 07:21 PM
I think you said it pretty kindly. I, too, have noticed more, for lack of better words, "outside stuff". I write a Patch Blog "Mt. Airy Musings" which deals with my own personal musings, while living my life in Mt. Airy and I enjoy reading other's blogs and comments. I tell friends and family to read "me". But, I actually wonder how many people know about the opportunity to speak out in this forum. That said, thanks for the reminder that this is supposed to be local and I hope we can retain that flavor.


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