Restaurant Review: Dairy Cottage 'Delicious'

The Dairy Cottage is a family eatery with reasonable prices.

Up until recently, I thought that anyone in Springfield, or close by, would have heard of the .

But lately it seems that all too often when I mention this eatery, I am met with a puzzled look and the question, “Where?” 

So if you are familiar, let me reaffirm what you already know. If not, you can thank me later.

Located on West Woodland Avenue, the building is quaint and historic, reminiscent of a time when the site was used, you might have guessed, as a dairy farm. 

The interior is casual and friendly, an excellent spot for a relaxed family meal.  The service, in my experience, has always been pleasant and timely even at the busiest of hours.

Of course, the above qualities would amount to very little if the food itself was not the main draw. In this matter, let me assure you, is where the Dairy Cottage shines brightest. 

In the many times I have dined here, I've had the opportunity to sample a pretty wide selection of their menu. I have always found the food to be delicious. 

The good quality of ingredients used to make the food here is immediately evident. Although it may arrive to you quickly, it is certainly not “fast food.”  

The menu offers a lot of choices with something to appeal to even the most finicky of eaters.  Some highlights of the menu I personally recommend are the French onion soup, Michelangelo panini and hot Louisiana burger. However, the one item that stands out above the rest is the peanut butter milkshake.

Not only does the Dairy Cottage have enjoyable food, but the prices are quite reasonable.  It should be noted that they only accept payment in cash but there is a conveniently placed ATM by the register, should you need it.

Paul J. Mullock May 20, 2011 at 02:28 AM
Nice job, Noah. Pic with opening time smart touch,


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