A Taste of Thailand – Thai Kuu Adds Spice to the Hill

For quite some time, if you were in the mood for Thai cuisine, you were forced to go downtown to satisfy your craving. Thai Kuu brings flavor to the area that is authentic and upscale.

At the very top of Chestnut Hill within the plaza, Thai Kuu brings their own signature to the familiar tastes of Thai that enthusiasts can enjoy. Although specializing in the cuisine from Thailand, guests can find dishes from other Asian cultures as well.

Walking in you first notice the serene atmosphere. Dimly lit and soft music playing throughout, Thai Kuu is appealing for a night out with friends to catch up or a romantic dinner. Don’t let that stop you from eating alone. The friendly staff engages you and makes sure that everything is to your satisfaction.

There are various appetizers for you to choose from. My curiosity was piqued by one dish named Thai Crispy Golden Bag. A traditional Thai dumpling stuffed with tender minced duck and finely diced celery and onions.

Even though the bags were fried, this was neither a greasy nor heavy start to my meal. The three bundles were served with a delicately sweet chili lime sauce and a mixed green salad with a tangy ginger dressing.

With a nice start like that, I couldn’t decide what to choose for my entrée. The one option that stood out was their specialty tableside cooking. It seemed to be a dining performance to tantalize all five senses, but since I was dining alone, I didn’t want it to be a show for one.

Thai Kuu offers the traditional options of varying curries, Pad Thai, stir fry, and rice dishes. My server said I couldn’t go wrong with sticking with tradition or trying something more signature to the restaurant’s style. So I choose the Pad Num Prik Pao. With their main entrées, you can choose your protein—tofu, chicken, seafood, or steak.

At first bite, the flavors of the red curry and chili sauce, the crisp green beans, asparagus, and slightly caramelized onion, combine with the marinated flavors of the chicken.

My server revealed that the kitchen can kick it up a notch if I wished, but I enjoyed the dish’s taste so much, any more heat would have distracted me from the flavor combinations.

To close the meal, there are several Thai-themed desserts—all sweet, but simple. The mochi ice cream is a combination of pounded, sweetened sticky rice dough and green tea ice cream, another created with a mango and coconut milk sticky rice, and of course, a brownie sundae for the chocolate lovers.

Thai Kuu also offers specials for their dessert menu. Taking a spin on fried ice cream, I was offered a billiard-ball-sized scoop of ice cream that was dipped in a tempura batter and deep fried. It didn’t end there. Battered and fried bananas were added along with a drizzle of chocolate sauce, fresh raspberries, and a sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar.

The only noticeable misstep is that the green tea is a mass-produced bagged tea as opposed to a handcrafted or loose tea. I tasted a slight bitterness that only tea aficionados would have noticed.

If you enjoy Thai, or are new to the cuisine, Chestnut Hill is lucky to have a different option to break the monotony of pizza, sandwich shops and standard eateries in the area. Thai Kuu has settled in the neighborhood satisfyingly and offers a high-end style of Thai.

Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, choose to dine in or take out to enjoy at home. Thai Kuu has a full bar but you can also bring your own bottle to enjoy and there is no corking fee.


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