The "Tree Truck" Collects Old Christmas Trees

The service will be available until Jan. 14.

One of the city's recycling trucks has been deemed "the tree truck."

The truck, that sits at the sanitation center at Domino Lane & Umbria Street, will be there until Jan. 14 as part of the Streets Department's citywide Christmas Tree recycling program.

Since the program began on Jan. 3, nearly six-tons of Christmas Trees have been dropped off and Donald Carlton, the city's sanitation supervisor of operations, said the Northwest collection center will probably double that by the end of the program.

"About 50 tons of trees are usually collected throughout the city," he said. "We norally see an average of 15 tons each year."

The city moved to a drop off program several years ago when curbside pickup became too much of a financial burden.

More trees were recycled when curbside pickup was available, but Carlton said the program is growing slowly, usually by five to seven tons each year.

It is very attractive to some. Carlton reported that some have come from as far as Hershey to drop off their tree. The problem with that, he said, is people need to provide proof that they are a city resident to participate in the program.

"A lot of other townships don't have free drop off," he said, adding that out-of-towners isn't a major issue.

All the trees are taken to Delaware where they are used for compositing, Carlton said.

Trees can be dropped off between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.


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