Philadelphia Residents Turn Trash to Dirt

Find out what hundreds of Philadelphians are doing to keep their trash out of landfills.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2010 Americans generated about 250 million tons of trash. Out of that 250 million tons of trash, about 34.1 percent was recycled or composted. 

Composting is important because it keeps organic solid waste out of landfills where it turns into methane, a potent greenhouse gas. 

Composting in the City

Composting can be a challenge if you live in the city, an apartment, or don't have a backyard.

To help make it easier to go green, Bennett Compost offers a unique service. The Philadelphia company has been offering a compost pick-up service to Philadelphia residents since July 2009. Currently, more than 450 residents take advantage of this service which provides a 5 gallon compost bucket and weekly home pick-up for $15 a month. 

What's Compostable?

Many items you might not expect are compostable like cardboard, dryer lint, and fur. Household waste can be reduced by nearly 50 percent through composting. 

Click here for a complete list of what you can compost. 

Calling All Gardeners

If you love to garden, then you should enjoy the rich, natural fertilizer that composting produces. 

The past two years, Bennett Compost has provided 10 gallons of finished compost to their customers who want it at no extra cost. Members can purchase additional gallons at a discount. Non-members can purchase compost for $10 per five gallon bucket. 

Do you compost or are you thinking of starting? Share your composting ideas and tips with Patch in the comments. 


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