Shabby Chic Accessories By Springfield Etsy Artist

Handmade accessories are available for purchase from a Springfield local.

artist, Amy Seng, has lived in Springfield since she was 16 years old. She attended grade school, graduated from , and was married at in Springfield last October.  

Seng began selling on Etsy in April and already has a following. 

Shabby Chic Accessories

Vintage styles and DIY items have become very popular in recent years. Seng uses feathers, lace, pearls, and other vintage inspired items to handcraft each of her hair accessories for a "shabby chic" look. 

"All items from headbands to tutus are created and handmade with care by myself," said Seng. "I put a lot of effort into each piece and pay close attention to detail."

Tiny tutus and flower adorned headpieces are among her specialties. 

A Few of Her Favorite Things

Spending quality time with her nieces and nephews is one of Seng's favorite things. She receives creative inspiration from them and uses her nieces to model her handiwork. 

One of her goals is to learn to sew on her grandmother's vintage sewing machine.

"I'm just waiting for her to teach me how to use it or I will take some sewing classes," said Seng. 

Buying Local

The Shabby Pearl is the name of Seng's Etsy shop.  Click here to view all her items fo sale. 

Seng would like to use her craft to give back to and be more involved in the Springfield community. If you have any suggestions for organizations she could donate to, let Patch know in the comments. 

JS August 23, 2012 at 02:18 PM
This girl does amazing work!!!!!
Laura Haas August 23, 2012 at 04:46 PM
Yes! Everything is so cute and well made.


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