Hipster Home Hits the Small Screen

The Chestnut Hill home decor store got a gig supplying the NBC television show "Do No Harm."

If you happen upon the NBC drama “Do No Harm”, keep on the watch for something familiar in the sets, especially if you are a frequent shopper at .

The home décor shop on Germantown Avenue was recently given the opportunity to supply the set designer for the show, which films in Philadelphia, with furniture.

“We had people from New York calling here, calling us and asking, so it shows they know us, that they know Chestnut Hill,” said Dave Friday, co-owner of Hipster Home.

Friday explained that the set designer for the show was looking for a line of furniture that Hipster Home carries called Gus. The sofas and chairs are what Friday calls “classic contemporary” with a durable fabric.

Friday said that the show purchased six chairs and four sofas to outfit the sets used in the show.

“There’s a big warehouse full of furniture, and they use a lot of the same furniture, and change the set around it,” Friday said.

There’s potential for future sales to the show as well, depending on how they like the furniture and how successful the show, entering its second season, becomes.

“It wasn’t the first time we’ve been contacted about doing something like this, but it never went through before,” Friday said.

“Do No Harm”, according to the show’s NBC website, will air this fall at 10 p.m. Sundays.


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