Election Cookies: A Telling Treat?

The Night Kitchen Bakery is selling Obama and Romney cookies, but which will sell more?

is baking up treats to get customers into the swing of things for presidential election season.

A set of Obama and Romney cookies premiered recently at the bakery, but are not going to be sold until Aug. 5.

"We did a few for the pictures and put them in the case and the Obama cookies sold in two minutes and the Romenys sat there all alone. Then people inquired as to why we did not have Obama cookies," said Amy Edelman, owner of the bakery.

The bakery will be keeping tabs on how many of each cookie sell and posting the tally in the front window, but Edelman said the last election the cookies were made for was a landslide.

"We did a slightly less fancy version of these four years ago for McCain and Obama and the Obama cookies outsold the McCains four to one. The entire campaign was hugely popular. The head of the Obama office in Chicago bought several dozen of them," Edelman said.


Do you think cookies can predict how Chestnut Hill will vote in the election? Tell us in comments.

Chestnut Hill Obama 2012 Team July 23, 2012 at 11:54 AM
Not sure if the cookie sales will predict who will win the election, but the number of sales will indicate how many Democrats and Republicans shop at the Night Kitchen and also like cookies! Cookies may be the one topic the parties can agree on!


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