Chestnut Hill to Participate in Flower Show

The Chestnut Hill Business Association will have a booth at the Philly Flower Show next week for the first time ever.

Starting next week, Chestnut Hill will have a presence at the Philadelphia Flower Show, and the Chestnut Hill Business Association thinks that’s—well—brilliant.

“Brilliant is the theme of the show,” said Chestnut Hill Business Improvement District Retail Recruiter Laurie Wightman.  She added that its focus will be on British garden and landscape designs.

“We developed a partnership with the Philadelphia Horticultural Society,” said Peggy Miller of the business association.  “We’re going to have a booth that is a basic depiction of what it’s like to come to Chestnut Hill.”

The business association will use the flower show as a recruitment tool—a way to attract new customers to the area.

“Everyday we’ll do a gift basket giveaway,” Miller said.  “These baskets have a free stay at the Chestnut Hill Hotel in them as well as gift certificates to different shops and restaurants.”

Miller estimates that one of these baskets is worth between $750-1,000.

“The hope is to build up our database so that we can attract more people to the area,” Miller said.

Besides the booth, Miller is also excited for Sunday at the flower show because Sunday is family day.

“The theme is British literature particularly literature for children,” Miller said.  “So since we already have the Harry Potter Festival, the horticultural society thought we would be a natural fit.”

For Sunday, the business association is bringing in a group of Harry Potter characters to man the booth and interact with kids at the flower show.

“Dumbledore will be there to teach a Defense Against the Dark Arts class, and we have some students from Chestnut Hill College who will teach kids how to play quidditch.”

The Philadelphia Flower Show runs from March 2-10 at the Pennsylvania Convention Show.  For more information please click on the link: here.


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