BID Secures Grant to Clean Vacant Mt. Airy Lots

A grant from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society will allow for 50 vacant parcels to be cleaned.

The Mount Airy Business Improvement District has secured a grant through the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to clean up 50 vacant parcels in East Mt. Airy.

“It’s important because as lots become clean, the near neighbors become invested,” said BID director Hollie Malamud-Price.  “We hope that it will also deter future dumping.”

The grant provides up to $23 per parcel for cleaning, and the BID has subcontracted with Goodwin Landscape out of Germantown to do the work.

‘They’ve done work with the horticultural society before,” Malamud-Price said.  “We’re excited for them to get to work.”

Right now, the grant is good through October, but Malamud-Price is hopeful that the BID will receive the same grant again next year.

“We’re definitely going to re-apply in 2014, and I’m pretty optimistic,” Malamud-Price said.  “We’re on the horticultural society’s radar, and that’s a step in the right direction.”

The lots currently slated for cleaning are on the east side of Germantown Avenue between Gorgas and Washington lanes.

“It should have a great effect on the neighborhoods,” Malamud-Price said.  “We’re hoping the neighbors take ownership of the lots once they’re clean.”


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