First Day of School Could be Delayed in Philadelphia

The first day of school could be delayed in the Philadelphia School District.

The first day of school could be delayed in the Philadelphia School District.
The first day of school could be delayed in the Philadelphia School District.
Summer is slowly but surely coming to a close.  That means the first day of school is right around the corner.

Although it could change, the first day of school for the Philadelphia School District is scheduled for Sept. 9 for grades 1-12 and Sept. 16 for Kindergarten schools.

However, district Superintendent William Hite recently sent a letter to parents saying that the first day of school could be delayed if the district doesn't receive an extra $50 million in funding by Friday, Aug. 16.

The district is also considering opening on a half-day schedule if funding requests are not met.

Hite believes that the funding is necessary to ensure the safety of the schools and the students.

"I must be able to tell you that when your child is walking through the hallways, eating lunch, or at recess an adult will be watching them," Hite writes.  "I must be able to tell you that an assistant principal be there to handle any disciplinary issues that distract the focus on learning.  I must be able to tell you that the principal can leave the office to address issues and support staff in another part to the school.

Hite continues, "In the absence of additional funds, I cannot I do so."

Hite goes on to say that the additional money would go towards rehiring staff members that were laid off in June.

"We need these staff members to ensure that our schools are running smoothly, and above all, safely," Hite writes.  "While the district has recently been able to restore some staff positions, extracurricular activities and art and music programs,  we do not have to support staff and resources to provide all schools with the tools they need."
Shirley August 10, 2013 at 09:51 AM
Don't parents and neighborhood adults offer their time to be hallway and recess watchers? So why do you need funds for that, they are not paid.
CitizensArrest August 11, 2013 at 11:08 PM
If Philly's schools were all charter schools lots of money would instantly appear as if by magic. It is not just Philly's schools that are being attacked by starving them of funds among other ways, it's the common good of public education itself that is under attack. Philly is just one of the battlegrounds.


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