John Wesley Harding To Kick Off Sundays Live At Hideaway

John Wesley Harding will perform a solo acoustic set at Hideaway Music on October 30th. The performance marks the first of several that Hideaway plans to host every week through December.

For ’s first show of their new Sundays Live concert series, store owner Brian Reisman is pulling out all of the stops.  The longtime Chestnut Hill dealer of vinyl and vintage audio equipment has invited none other than British transplant and current Mount Airy resident, Wesley Stace, to perform an intimate acoustic set at the store.

Stace, better known by his stage name, John Wesley Harding, has been a regular at Reisman’s shop for quite some time now.  

“We originally met because he’s a customer,” Reisman said regarding how the collaboration came together. “He collects vinyl.  He bought a jukebox and came in here to stock up on 45’s. He’s got a new CD and some pretty impressive credentials. It should be a lot of fun.”

Stace, who has released more than 20 albums since beginning his music career, said he plans to play acoustic versions of music from his newest record, The Sound of His Own Voice. The album released on Oct. 10 and was recorded with several members of The Decemberists, as well as Peter Buck of REM fame.  

Stace, an acclaimed lyricist, was chosen by Bruce Springsteen to be his first opening act in 20 years. In a tongue-in-cheek way, he refers to his music as folk noir, and he is excited by the prospect of kicking off Hideaway’s Sundays Live with some of his newest tunes.

“It’s my local store so I’m delighted to celebrate the album’s release there,” he said.  “I love Hideaway Music and shop there often, so, considering how close to my house it is, it seemed a no-brainer to do an in-store there. It should be a kid-friendly event, and it's free - what more can I say?”

Reisman believes that Sundays Live, which will run from Oct. 30 to Dec. 11 (and maybe beyond that depending on the events' success), should prove a win-win for everyone involved.  

“It’s an experiment really,” said Reisman.  “It all just came together really fast. I’m hoping it’s beneficial for everyone.  One of the main reasons I’m doing it, beyond the fun aspect, is to try and increase foot traffic. Sundays are kind of a slow day for us, and this is something to do. Hopefully, the artists will bring some of their fan base into the store.  They, in turn, get some exposure.”

Reisman said all the live music for the series will be of the acoustic variety.  The confines of the record store can make bringing a full band in difficult to say the least.  

“All the shows are free and they’re going to be strictly acoustic,” he said.  “We did a full band once and it was a little too challenging - we’re not really set up for it here.”

All events are scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. on Sunday afternoons.  Reisman said there are currently no plans to hold a concert on Thanksgiving weekend.  

“At most it will be one or two people [performing] and we’ll just squeeze them in,” added Reisman. “I’m expecting it will be a big crowd - I’m hoping it’s more than I can handle. It’s just another good reason for people to come up to Chestnut Hill.”

More information about Sundays Live can be found at Hideaway’s website:

Sundays Live Schedule

October 30: John Wesley Harding

November 6: Suzie Brown

November 13: The Lux

November 20: Soldier On

December 4: Chana Rothman

December 11: Cabin Dogs

James Rosenthal November 01, 2011 at 08:38 PM
John Wesley Harding was a delight to watch at Hide-Away Music. The place was packed. He played inside the shopfront as if he was used to it and was nonplussed even when little Wolf-masked kids came in during a number looking for candy!


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