Robin Gilchrist battles for PA 4th District Senate Seat currently held by Leanna Washington

press release

Cheltenham, PA March 23, 2014: Robin Gilchrist, a local area Registered Nurse and lifetime community servant has been leading a grass roots effort to run for the Pennsylvania 4th Senatorial District. His kitchen table is his campaign headquarters. It is where he directs a growing group of volunteers. “Like many, I've grown frustrated with Pennsylvania politics. Our voices are not being heard by our elected leaders. Uncontrolled spending along with increasing corruption has polluted our government. I have decided not to wait for the leadership that our state urgently needs. I would like the voters to know that I heard you loud and clear and I will fight for those who have lost their voice because of those benefiting from the status quo." Now having been placed on the Ballot and unopposed in the Republican Primary, Robin Gilchrist identifies the legislative priorities of education reform, tax reform and growing the economy to be the main issues to be addressed. " I believe these issues go hand in hand. We can't grow the economy without controlling taxes and providing an educated workforce in order to bring good paying jobs to Pennsylvania.     We have tried it their way long enough and now look where we are at. Our 257 Philadelphia public schools are only graduating at a 53% rate with some of the schools only graduating at 36% that is unacceptable and I don't think it's fair to subject one more child to be cheated out of a quality education while the Philadelphia Public school system  attempts to get their act together. Its the only chance many of these kids have to escape poverty. I have come to see that these children get that chance by giving their parents the choice to choose the best educational option for their children. At the current rate many are not ready for higher education and are only qualified for low paying jobs. The result of this will be that many will require public assistance and be exposed to higher rates of crime and drug use which only places the burden back to tax payers in the end game." Win or lose, one term or two I will have the tough conversations and make the tough decisions that Pennsylvania's citizens need." Robin further states," opponents of "school choice blame funding cuts for decades of failure but the true problem isn't a funding one, its a spending one. The democratic machine that has been the ruling body politic for decades in Philadelphia has spent, spent and then spent some more. Every group that has a financial interest in Philadelphia public schools has been reaping big paychecks with little results and only a fraction of tax dollars actually reaching the children. We must change the way we fund our schools by making all Pennsylvanians partners in our children’s education and in doing so, securing our Commonwealths economic future. Our goal of improving education is not attained by uncontrolled spending and zero accountability. If you want more funding first find the waste. Move the money from what doesn't work to what works. Find out more at www.GilchristforPASenate.come or  Friends of Robin Gilchrist PO Box 54 Cheltenham, PA 19012 (800)215-4337


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