**Fertility Support Group**

The journey of infertility can be stressful and overwhelming. Partners, friends, and family members may be well intentioned but they often do not know how to offer the support that women need. As a result, women often feel alone and isolated. I invite you to connect to other women who can relate and offer you the support that you deserve as you navigate this bumpy road.   

This group welcomes women at all stages of the infertility journey:

* Women struggling to conceive with or without a formal diagnosis of infertility

* Women who are in the process of undergoing infertility treatment

* Women who have experienced a miscarriage or miscarriages

* Women who are in the process of considering alternative means to having children such as adoption or surrogacy.

WHEN: Group will meet for 8 weeks beginning on Thursday January 2nd, 7:30 pm-8:45 PM.


Office located in prime Chestnut Hill location, off of Germantown Ave.


I am a licensed Psychologist with many years of experience working with individuals and groups. My areas of specialty include Infertility, Grief & Loss, Life Transitions, and Self Exploration.


Interested individuals are invited to contact me to learn more about this group and to discuss whether the group will be an appropriate fit for your needs. 

Phone: 267-825-7530

Email: Rebecca@DoctorGras.com

www. DoctorGras.com


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